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Kan Tai Keung X
AiDLab X
HK Fashion Designers Show

17 JULY, 2024 | 8:30 PM | Victoria & Art Museum, London

With the theme of Culture, Innovation and Fashion, the show will feature the collaboration between Dr. Kan Tai Keung, Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Design (AiDLab) and five Hong Kong fashion designers from the open call for fashion designers. With AiDA as the design assistant, each designer will create a collection with 4 outfits, serving as fashion representations of 5 individual phases across Dr. Kan’s creative career.

About AiDA (AI-based Interactive Design Assistant for Fashion)

Developed by Prof. Calvin Wong, CEO & Centre Director of AiDLab, Cheng Yik Hung Professor in Fashion of PolyU, and his team, AiDA is the first-to-market technology that empowers fashion designers to streamline their creative process by generating original collections based on their unique inspirations. With just a few clicks, designers can choose or refine options to develop fashion collections, bringing agility, efficiency and flexibility to labour intensive studio processes.


AiDA launched its menswear application which is developed in 2023, enabling a wider range of designers to engage with the system.

About Dr.  Kan Tai Keung  SBS, BBS, AGI

As a world-renowned designer and artist, Kan started his design career since 1967. Kan was an active participant of Hong Kong New Ink Art Movement and has continued to work for a spark of originality. Since early 1970s, Kan has enthusiastically participated in art and design education, and has influenced many of his pupils. Kan earned numerous awards including the “Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award” in 1979 and the “Urban Council Grand Award (Design)” in 1984. Kan is the first Chinese enlisted in 1995 “Who’s Who in Graphic Design” international reference book of Switzerland. He was awarded the Honour of Bronze Bauhinia Star and the Honour of Silver Bauhinia Star in 1999 and 2010 respectively. In 2016, Kan was awarded the “HKDA Lifetime Honorary Award” by Hong Kong Designers Association. Being exhibited in both local and overseas, Kan’s works are widely collected by significant museums and personal in the UK, US and China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Kan actively participates in art and design education and promotion of professionalism and earned the Honorary Doctor of Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2005. He is now the Honorary Dean of the Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Shantou University, the fellow member of Hong Kong Designers Association, member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, the advisor of the Leisure & Cultural Services Department, the Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Advisor of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Hong Kong Member Association Limited.

5 Artistic Phases and the Hong Kong Fashion Designers

Pop Ink Art

Sophia XinLi  

Creative Director


Landscapes' Fresh Appearance

Wilson Choi 

Founder and Designer


Psyche in Motions & Honour to Master

Tak Lee

Artistic Director

Tak L.

Brush Stroke from My Mind

Aries Sin 

Creative Director


Timeless Ideas & Contemporary Emotions

Derek Chan 

Design Director


  • Mr. Jacky Lam

    Associate Creative Director



    Ms. Sarah Lam

    Style Director

    Manifesto Media Limited


    Prof. Calvin Wong

    Cheng Yik Hung Professor of Fashion,

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


    CEO & Centre Director



    Mr. Kevin Yeung


    Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association

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